Corporate governance

Board of directors

Teddy Lin

Chairman of the Board

Teddy is a Manager with extensive experience and management skills in Financial Institutions. He has been the CEO of Meitav Dash Provident Funds & Pension between 2014 to 2021. The Company manages long and short-term saving vehicles with AUM of more than 25 billion US$ and over 300 employees. Teddy obtained his M.A. in Economics and Accounting and his MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a certified CPA and speaks fluent Hebrew, English, and Spanish.

Nir Tuvia Goldberg

Board Director

Nir manages the fundraising, recruiting investors and producing growth through significant work with financial organizations. Nir was involved as a developer/investor in the real estate market in Spain and Portugal since 2015 managing a portfolio of over 100 million € and has developed strong working relationships in these countries. Prior to that Nir held position as a project manager in the Israeli real estate market and gained wide experience in managing large scale projects.

Ofer Lior

Board Director

Ofer manages the company’s growth and acquisition. He has developed keen business analysis capabilities and expertise in purchasing and selling of assets, through highly  effective negotiations. Ofer is active in the real estate market in Spain since 2014 when he founded Value. The Company developed a portfolio of over 50 million € of residential real estate assets. Prior to that, Ofer established an import/export and distribution company focused on Latin America. The company he led achieved a turnover of 30 million US$.